Imam Sadiq (a.s) Said: Whoever Is especially kind to his family is Increased in sustenance. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol69 p408)

Good temper

Imam Ali (a.s) Said: Good temper is the key to daily treasure.

Have mercy

Imam Ali (a.s): Have mercy so that mercy be shown to you.

good behaviour

Imam Ali (a.s): He who has good behaviour has more friends and people’s hearts are drawn towards him.

best lifestyle

Imam Ali (a.s): The person with best lifestyle is one through whom others can live a good life.

The right of a person

Imam Sajjad’s (AS) Treatise On Rights: The right of a person who has done you a favor, on you is to thank him and mention

Kindness in Islam

Kindness in Islam and generosity toward other fellow human beings are one of the most important codes of ethics. Muslims should not live in a

The faithful

Imam Ali (a.s) Said: The faithful who help the destitute in the hardships and misfortunes of their life, are loved most by Allah.