Death of Imam Khomeini

hijab Guardian of human values

women and siciety The Hijab mentioned in lslam is to protect your values, Everything that God has commanded_ both for women and for men_ is

Appreciate yourself

women and siciety Dear women! Men grew up in your lap. you are the trainers of men. Know your value. Islam will value you! sahifeh

Women in the middle of the field

women and siciety Some make propagandas that if lslam comes into force, then women should sit at home and lock their doors and not come

women’s freedom

women and siciety Islam not only agrees with women’s freedom, but is also the founder of women’s freedom in all aspects of het existence. sahifeh

Women is the embodiment

women and siciety Women is the embodiment of the fulfillment of human desires. A man ascends from a woman’s lap. sahifeh ye lmam, volume7, page

goodness and corruption

women and siciety The goodness and corruption of a society originates from the goodness and corruption of women in that society. sahifeh ye lmam, volume

Human-making women

women and siciety If a society is deprived of the women who upbring humans, that society will face failure and decline. sahifeh ye lmam, volume


Women and motherhood It is from the lap of these mothers that Malik Ashtar is born, from the lap of these mothers_Hussain ibn Ali is

degrading motherhood

Women and motherhood They betrayed our society by degrading motherhood in the eyes of mothers, while the best job in the world is motherhood and

bring up children

Women and motherhood Dear ladies! You can bring up children who can protect the ambitions of the prophets. Sahifeh ye lmam, volume 9, page 136